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Winter Blitz 2020 is upon us and we are looking forward to gathering together in Panama City Beach at Shalimar Beach Retreat! For information on Shalimar, visit: www.shalimarretreat.com

Winter Blitz is our kid’s convention and Fun Arts, focusing on our elementary aged kids. These are dynamic services targeted at reaching kids and teaching them about following Jesus. Fun Arts is an opportunity for kids to start discovering and developing their gifting & talents in a fun presentation/evaluation process.

Friday Night

Friday night, February 7, will be a fun night for the students. Once checked in, they are able to either stay at the retreat center and relax with their group, or they can register to join us at Rock’it Lanes for a night of bowling, roller skating, video games and pizza! Please note, we are not able to book the entire Rock’it Lanes establishment because our group is too small. It will remain open to the public just like any theme park would be and the supervision of your students is up to your leaders.

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning February 8, we have a great breakfast for everyone that stayed the night at Shalimar with us. Then, we will all meet together for our dynamic kid’s service. This year, we are excited to have our very own Bo and Megan Walker and GC Kids Ministry as our ministry team.  We can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit does in the lives of our students.

Fun Arts will then take place after the morning service there at Shalimar.

We will have lunch available for everyone registered. There will also be a special luncheon for our PK’s & MK’s at noon.  After lunch, we have blocked in some more free time as well as an opportunity for you a leaders connection and development.

At 2:15 we will all meet back in the chapel for our closing service which will also feature some stand-out student performances from Fun Arts.

Please make it a point to get as many of your kids here as possible! This is an incredible event that will be full of fun times, laughs and most importantly the Holy Spirit! Please look through the registration forms carefully and pricing breakdowns. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or my office.

Online Group Registration Including Online Fee Payment
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