25 04, 2020

COVID-19 Superintendent’s Memo, April 24


MEMO West Florida District Coronavirus Update, April 24: We trust you are all doing well.  Between Covid-19 and severe weather, it’s been another crazy week.  The creativity and leadership you have all been exemplifying during this difficult season is to be commended. We continue to operate under all of the previous guidelines and recommendations we have set forth.  Nothing has changed for

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23 04, 2020

Relaunching an Acts 2 Church in a Post-Covid 19 World Webinar, April 23, 2020


Ken Braddy Website GROW Track Download Download the ACTS 2 Journey Grow Track Documents First vs. Fourth Century Download First vs. Fourth Century PDF Download Acts 2 Journey Mission Question Videos

Relaunching an Acts 2 Church in a Post-Covid 19 World Webinar, April 23, 20202020-04-24T10:55:56-05:00
21 04, 2020

Download “Phasing Into a “New Normal” by Gene Roncone


Phasing Into a “New Normal” A practical resource to help RMMN churches transition into a post-corona “new normal” By Gene Roncone The coronavirus pandemic has and will continue to change the landscape of modern life. In many ways, our lives and ministries will never be the same. Now is not a time to coast or “wing it.” Ministry in a post-corona world

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19 04, 2020

Relaunching Your Church in a Post-COVID19 World


Thursday, April 23, join the "Relaunching Your Church in a Post-Covid-19 World" webinar. This webinar will feature Alton Garrison and the Acts 2 Journey Team. This will help pastors and church leaders make the most of this launch opportunity using New Testament Church principles. Relaunching Your Church Webinar: April 23, 6-8 PM CDT

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17 04, 2020

The 8-Step Plan to Reopen the Church


Having a plan to reopen the church is something pastors need to develop now, if they haven’t already done so. If you’ve struggled to respond, even with the practical tips for churches during COVID-19, you’re not alone. All churches have entered a new, temporary realm of ministry that no one expected. In this blog, we will look at 8-step plan to reopening the

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17 04, 2020

Reopening The Church: A Discussion On Leading After COVID-19—April 20 Webinar


As we move beyond Easter and settle into the new norm COVID-19 has created for us, it’s time to think about what happens when our churches reopen. How can we begin to start preparing for operations after such an unprecedented change in the way we preach, gather, and worship? Now is the time to determine what values and processes will remain consistent,

Reopening The Church: A Discussion On Leading After COVID-19—April 20 Webinar2020-04-17T15:28:00-05:00
17 04, 2020

Equipping During COVID-19


Below are two links to the G02020 evangelism material that will help serve you and your people in the prayer, care, share approach to relational evangelism. If you click the link below, it will take you to the Go2020 COVID 19 Package. This package includes faith for the five video and sermon series and the my five card. You may also find

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13 04, 2020

Register for The Blank Slate


Join Thom Rainer and his team as they explore what church will look like in a "POST COVID-19 WORLD." This is one of many resources we hope to share with you over the next few days that will help you as you begin to plan for the future. Please register now for this webinar by following the links in the email. Our

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